Breast Enlargement


Asymmetrical, undeveloped breasts or breasts with lost volume after lactation, weight loss or as a natural result of aging, can be restored with breast augmentation surgery.

Breast augmentation is achieved by the use of  implants or by injections of autologous fat and provides breasts in harmony with the body, correct shape and dimensions.


  • Under-developed, deformed, or asymmetrical breasts of usually congenital cause, may result in  considerable suffering of many women due to their appearance and their lack of feminine proportions.
  • Sagging breasts caused by pregnancy, breast feeding or weight loss can also be improved by means of silicone implants in combination with breast lifting.
  • In case of breast tissue removal because of cancer, reconstruction with an implant can create a breast shape which matches the healthy one on the other side.

Duration of the procedure: 1 –1,5 hours

Type of anaesthesia: general anaesthetic

Outpatient treatment: with medical supervision during the first night


The most suitable implant in terms of filling, shape and size is determined before the operation during a personal consultation  which includes a demonstration.

Prof Kakagia exclusively uses implants of  the highest quality that bear all of the required quality credentials.


Before the operation, patient and doctor plan together the optimal size of the breasts according to the patient’s wishes, taking into consideration the original shape and size of the breasts.

Various approaches (insertion through the inframammary fold below the breasts or at the areola) reduce scarring to a minimum. Depending on the thickness of the subcutaneous tissue, the implant is inserted in a pocket surgically created under the breast gland or, in the case of very slim patients, under the pectoral muscle, then positioned and secured. For patients with extremely pendulous breast tissue, a breast lift is performed as well.

After the operation:

Sutures are removed after 2 weeks

Wear a breast bandage for at least 2 weeks

Wear a support bra for 3 months

Post-surgical wound care begins after suture removal

Avoid physical strain for 3 weeks

Avoid sports involving the use of your arms for 3 months.


For patients who want a breast enlargement without the use of a silicone implant, lipofilling of the breasts is performed. In this procedure, the patients’ own expendable body fat is harvested and transferred to their breasts. This method can be supported by means of an external vacuum pump system worn mainly at night for 3 to 6 weeks before the fat transfer. The results are excellent and long-lasting.

Autologous fat for breast augmentation is retrieved from the body, processed and then injected directly under the skin of the chest.

Processed stem cells of autologous fat enhance the formation of new blood vessels  and improve integration of injected fat in the tissue, thus, it is possible to achieve a stable and reliable volume. This method is mainly used to increase small breast volume and for remodeling asymmetrical, pendulous breasts. Since the administered material can be partially resorbed by the body, it may require several sessions. This method has a great advantage, since it is performed with natural autologous material, which does not interfere with methods of breast cancer imaging.

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